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Purbeck Dorset
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Programme of Meeting Topics
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Note: Meeting topics may change at short notice
15 January
Creative Exposure
Tony Smith
19 February
White balance / Resolution / Our new Group Website
Tony Smith / John Hale
19 March
Focussing: Automatic & Manual / Portrait photography
Tony Smith
16 April
How to Critique a Photograph
Photographs 'In need of Improvement'
Introduction to Composition
Q&A session
Tony Smith
Group discussion
Tony Smith
Group discussion
21 May
Image Editing using FastStone software
Field trip: Photographing Trains
Q&A session
Bob Seidel
Group activity
Group discussion
18 June
Portfolio Project Presentations and Discussion
Group activity
16 July
[No Meeting]
20 August
[No Meeting]
17 September
Colour & Digital Photography / Portfolio Project
Tony Smith
15 October
Dynamic Range / Project Photos
Tony Smith
19 November
My Style of Photography
Ian Platt
17 December
[No Meeting]
21 January
Electronic Flash Photography / SS Great Britain
Tony Smith / Brian Case
18 February
Portrait Photography - Principles & Workshop
Tony Smith & Group
18 March
Photographic Filters and their Uses
Tony Smith
15 April
Landscape & Nature Photography
20 May
Tony Smith
17 June
Composition Exercise
Tony Smith & Group
15 July
[No Meeting]
19 August
[No Meeting]
16 September
[See Table Above]
21 October
[See Table Above]
18 November
[See Table Above]
16 December
[No Meeting]
Past Monthly Meeting Topics in 2013
Past Monthly Meeting Topics in 2014

16/09/14: The Photographer’s Eye*: (1) Camera & Lens;
Group Project: Using wide angle and telephoto lenses creatively

21/10/14: The Photographer’s Eye*: (2) Framing & Composing;
Group Project: Line, shape and form

18/11/14: The Photographer’s Eye*: (3) Exposure & Light;
Group Project: Texture and Pattern

20/01/15: The Photographer’s Eye*: (4) Light & Colour;
Group Project: Colour

17/02/15: The Photographer’s Eye*: (5) Location, Location, Location;
Group Project: Composition exercises (a)

17/03/15: The Photographer’s Eye*: (6) Story Telling in Pictures;
Group Project: Composition exercises (b)

21/04/15: Photographic file types: What do the acronyms JPG, RAW, TIFF and DNG mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of file for taking, editing and archiving your photos?

19/05/15: Exposure to the Right (ETTR) [Postponed]

16/06/15: Using RAW files (Tony Smith);
Group Discussion: What makes a compelling photograph?

      *  DVD Master Class by Michael Freeman
Past Monthly Meeting Topics in 2014/15
15 September
[Meeting Cancelled]
20 October
High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography; ‘Backlighting’ Project viewing and critique; back-to-basics slot for newcomers.
17 November
“Finding Vivian Maier”: film about the extraordinary Vivian Maier; Project viewing and critique; back-to-basics slot.
15 December
Flash photography – use of in-camera and external flash-guns; Project viewing and critique; back-to basics slot.
19 January
Master Photographer: Sabastiao Salgado
16 February
Setting Up Your Camera: Part 1
15 March
Image Editing: An introduction to the Develop Module in Lightroom
19 April
Image Editing: The Basic Panel of Lightroom;
Master Photographer - Ansel Adams
17 May
Image Editing: The Tone Curve; Setting Up Your Camera: Part 2
21 June
Master Photographer - Joe Cornish ("Landscape in Mind” DVD)
July / August
[No meetings]
Past Monthly Meeting Topics in 2015/16
For Notes on the 2016 Programme please Click Here
20 September
Location shoot: Wareham, St Martin’s Church, North Street
18 October
Review of St Martin’s Church location shoot images
15 November
[Meeting Cancelled]
20 December
[No meeting]
17 January
Demonstration of B&W conversion software: Silver Efex Pro 2
21 February
Field Trip: Durlston Country & Wildlife Park
21 March
Reviewing last month’s Field Trip images & Close of Group
18 April
[No further meetings]
16 May
[No further meetings]
20 June
[No further meetings]
July / August
[No meetings]
Programme for 2016/17